We have been looking for a new car as ours just doesn’t work for our family anymore.  As we were walking around the showroom looking at our options, it struck me at how easily I had worked out that what we had wasn’t working and that we needed to change. It took me years however to realise this in my work, and even in my attitude to certain things.  So why could I change the car so easily, but it wasn’t so easy to change other aspects of my life which would arguably have a significant impact on my life?  I had realised that the car made things really difficult for me on a day to day basis, but crucially I knew that there were other options.  What was on offer was right in front of me and I could visualise what the future could look like. I may have liked the car that we currently have, but I could see that there was something else that would work better.  The difficulty we have with lots of other changes in our lives is that we don’t know what our options are.  We assume without really exploring everything, and our expectations can be so specific that we can’t see outside of that and we often don’t realise that there is another way.  By talking and writing things down we can start to unravel our thoughts, see our other options and notice what feels right.

When you are aware that something isn’t right, take the time to really think about what is happening and explore what your options are.  The answers may not initially be obvious, but with help, support and time our options become clear and we can start to move towards a life that suits us better.