So often we get preoccupied with what we are doing that we forget about everything else going on around us. The worst part of this though, it the fact that we are often preoccupied with the things that are going wrong that we can’t see anything else.

I was watching tv with my son the other day and someone said the saying “you can’t see past the end of your nose,’ and he asked what that meant.  I explained that it was when you are so caught up doing something, you can’t see anything else that is going on around you.  He instantly put his hand up to his nose and said that he wouldn’t be able to see very much, which I said proved the saying.  He then however held his hand up against my nose and declared that I would be able to see much more than someone else could as I had a big nose!

My initial reaction was to say how rude he was being, as although he doesn’t know it, I have a ‘hang up’ about the size of my nose and I didn’t appreciate it being pointed out to me!  The thought then crossed my mind that what I see as a bad point of me, in this case, it is actually a benefit.  I may see having a larger than average nose as a bad thing, but according to him, I was doing better as I would be able to see further. 

Now I’m not saying that people with big noses are better than people with smaller ones, but I have only ever seen having a big nose as a downfall rather than an asset, but by looking at a completely different view point in certain situations this could be to my advantage.  

It made me think, how often do we get so preoccupied with something that we miss the benefits?  

It often doesn’t take a lot to see past the issue and once you have clarity in what you are thinking and doing, decisions are so much easier, and it also frees you up to get on with so many other things. Questioning and talking through what is going on can make a huge difference to how we see things, so my question to you today is…”what is going on in your life at the moment that is clouding judgement of everything else?”