Now that you have got a record of everything that is going on in your head, all of your thoughts on your life in the here and now, you can start to work out how this is making you feel. Part of this course is about making all the chaotic mess and random thoughts into something coherent and logical so that you have clear direction in which to go in, so be honest with yourself as that is the only way that you are going to figure out where you are, and where you want to be.

Need to put in re values….

The following video is a short “quick fire” question round. Don’t think too long about your answers, just answer the 1st response that comes to mind…the answers may surprise you!

Speed questions.

Now you should hopefully have a slightly clearer idea on what is happening at the moment, and some of the things that you like about it, and some of the things that you know need to change. Don’t worry, you aren’t expected to have all the answers just yet…move on to the next section to continue working out what you want in your life.