Now you need to start looking at the core of the tree.  What is keeping everything together and why? When the core is strong, it can hold up everything that it needs to around it.  It won’t bend or break, and those looking at it, are in no doubt that it can hold up what is going on.

If you think of the trunk of the tree, as the purpose of the tree.  The purpose changes over time which is why there are the different rings as the tree grows.  Your purpose was different in your teens, to your 20’s and your purpose is different depending on whether you are a parent, single, in a relationship, or a carer for someone close to you.  Your purpose also changes depending on the individual situation.  As a nurse, my purpose is to provide care to my patients, but as a job, the purpose is to provide an income. There can be multiple purposes for just one person, and therefore it is important to know what your reason for doing something is so that you are prioritising the most important things.

Have a think about your purpose:

What is your purpose to get up everyday?

What is your purpose to go to work?

Why do you enjoy personal time?

Exercise 1)

How many hats do you wear?

Write down all the different “hats” that you wear eg. Mother / Father, Wife / Husband, Daughter / Son, Friend, occupation etc

Next to each “Hat”, have a think of why you do that particular thing. There can be multiple reasons, or just one.

When you have your list together, then rate them all out of 10 as to how important they are to you.