Why does everyone talk about a work/life balance, and why is it so important?

It is important to understand the significance of a work-life balance…for you  We all talk about it, it is a word that it used a lot but what does it actually mean?  Is it that you have work on one hand, and everything else in the other?  Is work meant to take up 8 hours, and everything else have an equal space of time?  Is it always the same, or does it change depending on your situation in life? If you were to make a carbon copy of the happiest person in the world, would their situation work for you too?

As part of this challenge e my aim is to allow you the time and space to look at your situation, and really understand what works for you,  what isn’t working, and ultimately, what you can do about it. To understand how to make your situation work effectively, I believe that you need to understand you 1st. There is no point putting together a plan based on what works for someone else as there is absolutely no guarantee that it will work for you as well.

A good way of looking at you, is to imagine the elements of a tree, and work out how your values, your purpose and your identity make up the fundamental aspects of a tree.

Stay with me here!  If you think of your values as the tree roots, the trunk as your purpose, and the branches as your identity you can start to create a visual image of yourself, which makes it much easier to then work out what is working for you.  During this challenge I will help you to build your very own unique tree so that you can establish a work life balance that works for you and your situation.