Coaching Services

Coaching sessions are tailored to each individual, however they can be carried out as a formal or informal approach. The choice is of course yours depending on your requirements and expectations, as well as what you want out of the sessions. We can use a formal structure looking at areas such as value, purpose and personality traits, or we can use a more informal goal orientated structure which is responsive to specific desires and needs. This will be discussed during the 1st session to find the best approach for you.

During a coaching session we will discuss what your goals are, what you want to achieve and ultimately put in place strategies and plans on how you will get there. I will provide questions and bring focus to help you to unravel everything and help you to gain clarity on a situation. It may not always be in the direction that you expect it to be, but I can guarantee that whatever happens and wherever you end up, you will have gained a greater understanding of yourself and your situation and clear direction on where you are going. You may also come to coaching as you don’t really know what is going on, but you know that something isn’t right. That is absolutely fine. I can help you identify the glitches and provide guidance on how to make a situation work for you. We will explore all areas of your life to ensure that whatever happens, you are doing it with confidence and certainty. (“upgrade” blog)

I can help you to get out of your head, and actually deal with what is going on. You might be portraying the image of keeping it all together, but inside if you are struggling and questioning if what you are doing is right, how are you meant to enjoy what is going on? I will again provide gentle questioning and will keep you on track to focus on the real issues and help you to find a way to feel in control. Click HERE to contact me and find out how I can help you.

“Anna has helped me to realise that I can do this! Everyone used to say how together I always looked, but inside I felt like I was constantly failing and I lived in fear of being “found out”. Now I manage my life and work in a way that works for me and I have realised that I am a capable person who deserves to be where I am. There is no more hiding for me!”

Alex – mother of two: York

Maternity coaching is about the transition from one identity to another so that there is seamless cross over between work and home and again from home to work.  It enables you to gain clarity on what you want and how you are going to achieve it without the anxiety, stress and guilt.  It allows the you to really plan out and think about your work and life and how the two will interact and impact on each other so that potential pitfalls and anxieties can be addressed and prevented.

There are always going to be unexpected situations and emotions when it comes to family, but by working with me, you will be clear on your fundamental values and beliefs so that any decision you make, will be made with certainty and control. Click HERE to find out more about how I can help you.

A strong, motivated and loyal employee is something every company craves, yet with the pressure of balancing a career and family life it can create a feeling of resentment, guilt and anxiety which can eventually lead to burnout.  By undergoing coaching, it can allow you to manage all aspects of your life based on realistic expectations, which in turn leads to a fulfilling career and enjoyable home life.  A good work life balance is different for everyone, but only you as an individual can decide how you want it work for you. It may be that you have taken time out of your career to bring up children which is an amazing experience, however as the children grow, there can a time when you feel unfulfilled and sidelined, especially if you can see your partner’s career progressing. I will help you to find out what you want now, and help you work out a way to make it happen for fulfilment and happiness. To find out more about how you can achieve your very own work/life balance, click HERE.

“I thought that being a working parent meant that I had to constantly live with guilt. I used to beat myself up the whole time for being a working mum as I never felt good enough. I know enjoy both my home life and work life as I know that what I am doing works for both me and my family”.

Rachel mother of three: York

Unfortunately for a multitude of reasons workplace stress does affect many people. It is not a sign of weakness, it does not mean that an you do not cope well, and it certainly does not mean that you are a failure.  

In my role of Occupational Health Nurse, I have seen everyone from company directors and CEO’s to new starters experience work related stress, plus everyone in-between. When we think about how many hours we are at work, it makes up such a significant part of our life and when something isn’t right, it is not surprising that it takes over so much of our life. You don’t have to life with stress, and you don’t just have to move jobs as a solution. There is always a 3rd path to try. To find out more about how I can help you manage work related stress, press HERE.