“Am I Me?” Package

Do you look like you “have it all” from the outside but struggling on the inside?

Do you wonder if “this is it?”

Have you achieved success but still feel unfulfilled and never satisfied?

Are you always rushing from one thing to the next with no time for you?

Do you spend the majority of your time stressed and anxious?

Negative emotions such as guilt, anxiety and anger always seem to take over?

Are you just not sure what you want anymore?

Do you want to understand yourself and how you function more?

  • Feel calm and content.
  • Feel happy with your life and to be fulfilled in what you do.
  • Have time for you without guilt.
  • Know that you are important and that you deserve happiness.
  • Have a work life balance that works for you.
  • Have strong and meaningful relationships.
  • Reach another level of performance.
  • Achieve your goals and dreams.
  • Understand what you want and how you are going to get it.
  • Stop living a life of chaos.
  • Step into the life that you want to lead, rather than the one you have fallen into.

During a coaching session we will discuss what your goals are, what you want to achieve and ultimately put in place strategies and plans on how you will get there. I will ask questions and provide focus to help you to unravel everything and help you to gain clarity on a situation. It may not always be in the direction that you expect it to be, but I can guarantee that whatever happens and wherever you end up, you will have gained a greater understanding of yourself and your situation and clear direction on where you are going. You may also come to coaching as you don’t really know what is going on, but you know that something isn’t right. That is absolutely fine. I can help you identify the glitches and provide guidance on how to make a situation work for you. We will explore all areas of your life to ensure that whatever happens, you are doing it with confidence and certainty.  (“upgrade” blog)

I can help you to get out of your head, and actually deal with what is going on. You might be portraying the image of keeping it all together, but inside if you are struggling and questioning if what you are doing is right, how are you meant to enjoy what is going on? I will provide gentle questioning and will keep you on track to focus on the real issues and help you to find a way to feel in control.

  • Learn to understand you and what you really want.
  • Learn to manage your time based on what works for you.
  • Identify your values, beliefs, identity and needs.
  • Plan how live a life in alignment with you, rather than trying to fit into something that doesn’t work for you.
  • Start to live a life without chaos.
  • Feel like you belong.
  • Stop living a life that was full others expectations, and live a life that you want.

No more guilt, chaos or constant stress…for just £250 per month, or a block booking investment of £1400 ( a saving of £100!). It really can happen!

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