I am a Coach to help you to achieve Work-Life Balance.

Coaching for all things work and personal

I am here to help you achieve your work-life balance

How do you expect to manage everything when there are so many things to manage?

Life often sends you a curve ball when you are least expecting it. For me, it was when my Dad died. I was a grown up, I should be able to cope with this…but I fell apart. I had so many expectations of myself, how I should be, and how I should manage that I felt like a failure in everything that I did. My work, my family, my grief. I couldn’t deal with them all as I had so many expectations of what I should be doing that I had forgotten that I had to deal with my life in the best way that I could. Work-life balance is something that we all talk about and strive for, but do we ever really acknowledge what that really looks like?

Do you ever find yourself saying:

“Things only get done because I do them”

“I am always tired”

“I never have time for myself”

“I’ve worked so hard to get where I am, I can’t give it up”

“I always have so much to do”

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There are many changes that happen in life, and they all affect us in so many different ways. Whether they are meant to be positive like a promotion, new baby or a new relationship, how we deal with them, how we work out how they will impact on other aspects of our life, and how we acknowledge what other factors will impact on this change, will really affect our enjoyment of the situation and how we adapt. Out work-life balance is far more than just sorting out our hours so we have equal time at home and at work.

I can’t change a situation, but I can change how you deal with it and how you react to it which will help you to manage and thrive in a calm and controlled manner.

Specialist Interests

Working Parent Coaching

A strong, motivated and loyal employee is something that every company craves, yet with the pressure of everyday life and trying to balance a career and family life it can create a feeling of resentment, guilt and anxiety. A good work life balance looks different for everyone and through coaching you can learn what works and what doesn’t work for you as an individual.

Maternity Coaching

Maternity coaching is about the transition from one identity to another so that there is a seamless cross over between work and home and again from home to work. Priorities may change, but work ethic and who you are as a person doesn’t change. By undergoing coaching it allows you to plan and really understand who you are and what will work for you.

Work Stress Coaching

Unfortunately for a multitude of reasons workplace stress does affect many people, and the source is not always as obvious as initially thought. What is stressful to one person is perfectly manageable to someone else, but that is because no single persons life is the same as someone else’s and we all have different experiences and skills, responsibilities and roles to fulfil.

About Me.

work related stress coach, wellbeing, overwhelm, work life balance

I am an Occupational Health Nurse, a Coach, a Mum, a Wife, a Friend, a Sister, a Daughter and a Human!

I provide a discreet and confidential service to working parents to help manage work-life balance, prevent overwhelm, manage work-related stress and help to make decisions that actually work for you and your family.

“I was not entirely convinced that coaching would work for me, however as soon as we started talking around the concepts and how it could help me view things from a different perspective I realised how effective it could be. Anna is extremely good at allowing me to reach my own conclusions by ensuring I can view issues pragmatically rather than focusing on one specific point. Definitely a worthwhile experience in so many ways, not only for the short term, but long term too as I have learnt skills that I can use forever”.

Mother of one, York.